Why You Should Put a Metal Roof Over Your Head

It seems nowadays you can’t go anywhere without seeing metal roofing. Whether you’re driving by a farm field, industrial building, shopping center or restaurant, they seem to be everywhere! They’re even infiltrating the home design industry, bringing a rustic element of sophistication to any suburban neighborhood.

Metal roofing is more than just a decorative trend, it’s the environmentally innovative roofing material that will outshine any other. Since it serves as an efficient way to mount solar panels, the end-product is the production of energy, lower electricity costs, and preservation of our natural resources.

The Bright Side of Metal Roofing

The power that can be produced by a solar panel is astronomical. To break it down, let’s think about a clear day at noon, where the sun hits just about every square foot of the earth. That exposure is estimated to generate at least 1,000 watts of solar power.

A solar panel for a residential installation is around 65″ x 39″, rated at 250 watts, and expected to produce about 1kWh per day. Of course, the amount of energy received depends on the environment. Los Angeles, as opposed to an area that receives less sun, would probably need around 11.6 kWh of energy to cover the day-to-day lighting, heating, and refrigeration. It means less than 20 solar panels would cover their basic electrical needs for a day.

Granted Support From Local Organizations

Installing solar panels on your metal roof is becoming increasingly attractive (literally). They are easier to install, lower energy costs, and reduce consumption of foreign oil, which conserves natural resources. This has been noticed by several organizations in Wisconsin and across the country, including the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin, who has reserved funding for its renewable incentives for the next three years.

The Rural Utility Service (RUS) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Loan Program (EECLP) is a new initiative that has acquired $250 million for direct loans to rural electric cooperatives and other rural electricity providers. In its support of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, electrical providers can re-loan funds to residential and commercial properties to make their own energy betterments.

It means that farmers, ranchers, and rural small businesses can apply for grants and loans for a wide range of renewable energy efficiencies including solar technologies among wind, small hydroelectric, and biomass energy.

At RJ Albright Inc, our priority is to play an active role in our community and beyond. We encourage everyone to learn about the latest long-term energy efficient advancements that can be incorporated into homes or businesses, like metal roofing. Not only is it an exceptionally eye-catching accent atop of any structure, it yields money saving and environmentally friendly results, preserving the world we live in.

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